Relationships And Self-Development – What Are The Essential Factors

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The ability to maintain relationships is determined by personal skills of both partners. Understanding that, relationships is not a market economy, in which everyone can flourish by only caring about themselves and the ways they present their services. Most of the problems occur in the relationship because of the selfishness and unwillingness to put yourself in the other!

Relationships are not for the satisfaction of your pride, lust, selfishness, but for harmonious coexistence and development of two people, relationship helps you develop altruism, care, as well as many other skills.

In my opinion, a long-term relationship of man and woman is a school of self-development! And the positive experiences that you have can be used absolutely in any relationship with subordinates or superiors, with friends or opponents, with children or pensioners. Which also will serve as a reliable support in many situations. After all, diplomacy, patience, listening skills, are the qualities that are essential for success in life and personal happiness.


·       Develop Your Relationship By Developing Yourself!

It is a great mistake to think that relations will develop themselves, they had needed only to start. Love is not what is shown on movies. It does not consist of one romantic dates and kisses under the moon. A happy relationship requires work, understanding, and skills based on mutual respect and patience. Which most people overlook at the beginning.

  • Love For Granted: It is believed that love is not for something like a reason. That’s right. But in this “coin” has a downside. love can not be taken for granted. Love is a gift of fate. Be grateful to the person who is next to you, for his feelings. Never lie to each other. Lies, like water, can erode the foundation of even the strongest union.
  • Excessive Calm: Have you noticed that when people find a mate and have everything going well, they begin to gain weight? Harmony and peace in a relationship are fine, but this is not a reason to stop to look after each other. Do you want your partner to lost interest in you? Is your favorite person not deserving to be proud of his/her beauty? You should always complement each other.
  • Wrong Time and Place to Settle Issues: Disagreements are inevitable. Quarrel is a part of a happy relationship. But on one condition, do not skip a line. Do not insult each other, do not insult your partner above the limit and remember that there is no conflict, which would be impossible to resolve through compromise. Never discuss the problem of your relationship in public. Whenever your blood is boiling it would be desirable to dot the “I” here and now, do so only in private. In case the problem escalate, you will be able to protect each other integrity.

To build a happy and strong relationships, both partners need to learn to listen to each other, to compromise, to give and take care. Not paying attention to the feeling of your partner can make your partner unhappy and losing confident and doubt in the feeling you both shared. You need to understanding the Foundation of Fulfilling Relationships. And act strongly on the principles.

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