Reality Is Not Affiliated with Hollywood

It is an integrated part of my happiness to help women find the rhythm in their relationships. If I ever manage to convince women to be themselves, to be true, to be real, to be confident, to love who they are, to walk with poise, and to talk with certainty… If I ever manage to make this happen, I will be giving them the best relationship advice ever.

It is not a Hollywood movie.

Ladies, a relationship is not a Hollywood movie, and the first date is not the opening scene. A relationship is not a Hollywood movie script. It doesn’t have to be well managed. It has to be real, and I guess there is no perfect script to reality. The red carpet doesn’t guarantee its success. And watch out, you aren’t the characters of this script. You are who you are. He is who he is.

I never want your first date to be a Hollywood movie scene.

Forget about the red lipstick, high heels, and the real big beauty queen style. The first date should run smooth. Dress, walk, talk, eat, drink, laugh… Just the way you want. Just the way you are. Keep it simple. Keep it smooth. Make it spontaneous not predictable. Don’t make an effort to impress.

Don’t go with the rule that says “Fake it till you make it.” In relationships faking is fatal. It is the number one relationship killer. Don’t act, don’t fake, don’t pretend, don’t lie. For a relationship to grow and prosper, you need a very strong healthy foundation. The moment you start faking is the moment you start a bloody war with yourself, with your identity, with your beliefs, with your character… The moment you pretend, your relationship road will turn downward. If you fake who you are on the first date, you will fake what your relationships is later on.

So I never want your relationship to be a Hollywood movie.

I know a lot of couples whose relationship is a Hollywood movie. And absolutely you do! If you have a look from the outside, you’d think that they are having a great happy life. While in fact, their life is not that good. She pretends to be happy, he pretends to be okay. And life passes them by because they are too busy to fake a movie scene.

How many couples are victims of the word “pretend?” How many couples today become content with living a lie? Because since the first date, couples are being great actors, and Hollywood is being everywhere. It isn’t only in the sense of the fake image they are portraying to the world, it is about both being frustrated to be their true selves in a relationship.

BUT, I never want your relationship to be a Hollywood movie.

Go to the first date wearing your true identity, and go along with your relationship being true to who you are. Right now you are off your screen reading this, so you are very aware that you aren’t in Hollywood.

P.S: Reality is not affiliated with Hollywood. You should know this by now.

Good Luck always!
Much Love,

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