Older women seeking younger men

Old fashioned courting usually involves a more mature man courting a younger woman, or possibly a couple of approximately the same age. A new change to the dating dynamic is the concept of a “cougar” – a mature woman who looks for younger men to date. True cougars are mostly single women, normally in their 40’s to 50’s. They are quietly confident and secure in their actions; they will look and come across much younger than their years, often significantly so. They have a passion for life and living it to the full and often revel in their accomplishments. They may not be blonde, and they may not have the most amazing figure, but they have an air about them that demands attention, a naughty twinkle in their eyes with an ability to flirt openly without fear of rejection. They can hunt in groups or singularly and are quick to identify their target and once decided they will happily approach their victim before going in for the kill. They rarely seek long term commitment and make no demands – sex without commitment – a winning combination that many young men will find irresistible.

Why are Men Really Interested in Dating Older Women These Days?

Older women seeking younger men are classified as “cubs” and they have a tendency to look for more mature women for a number of reasons. Older women in many cases are fiscally secure and don’t necessarily require a man to care for them, either financially or psychologically. Women in the 35-45 age bracket are often at or near their top earning years and therefore don’t need the financial assistance of their dating companion.

There are many reasons that have been indicated why mature women are more alluring than the young. It is tough to point why such things attract men as it has never been as obvious as liking a young lady. In fact, there are many resources, facts and more that explains why men would choose to date mature women. Cougar dating is usually for those men who have had the experience of conversing and flirting women older to them. Best indicated as the young male companion that finds the mature and financially secure woman attractive.

How to Find Hot Cougars Looking For Younger Men

An easy way to quickly find local cougars is to join a hugely popular cougar dating websites. Select a site with millions of members. You can join these big sites for free and put in searches to find cougars. What you will find is most older women prefer to use cougar dating websites. They will avoid the lesser-known ones and local services. Once you have a profile, just put in a search for women of your desired age who are seeking men locally. This will often give thousands of results for mature women who you can then email or instant message.

If you would like to date a cougar, there are numerous online cougars dating website now available that appeal exclusively to men who want to date more mature women. These sites provide numerous advantages over basic internet dating sites, as such websites might have a huge number of women who are younger than the ones you are looking for Cougar online dating sites offer precisely what you need – readily available, experienced, sexy more mature ladies who are looking for the company of younger men. If older women are what you’re looking for, a cougars dating site might be what exactly you need.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to settle down, marry, or start a family, you’ll want to be looking at a more youthful dating partner as opposed to dating a cougar. There are exceptions to every rule, obviously, but it is pretty rare for a younger man – older women relationship to lead to marriage, though it does sometimes happen.

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