Must women think all men want sex from them after helping them?

If just a man request for sex after a favour he did for you, that does not mean all men are the same.
There are many men out there who can do anything for any woman without favour and without minding what other guys out there will term them.
The issue is that there are bad eggs in each gender which makes this issue complicated to those who are the good ones.
Some girls are determined to give it to any guy that helps her, and if such man fail to receive the offer from the girl it is serious trouble as he will be given different names by the lady.
This is what some men thinks, they believe your non-verbal communication speaks louder than the the opposite, so, they only act according to their belief.
Just that you fall victim to someone that was a victim doesn’t mean everyone thinks in same direction.
No maturity in this issue as there is no maturity in common sense.
We all love to take advantage, the smartest wins, that is just the issue.
If you have not been favoured by a genuine guy with a cheerful heart then you yourself should check yourself as your thoughts are against you.

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