If I Could Tell You: How Far is Too Far?

If I Could Tell You captures the desperation many of us feel about our infertility.  The film moved me beyond words and resonated with me, as a patient, and now as an infertility advocate.  These feelings of desperation and the refusal to accept “helplessness” is part of the reason I founded Fertility Within Reach.  Every day I work to support patients…. men and women like me …to avoid or at least better navigate their journey.  

What leads to such desperation? Often we feel out of control.  Those of us who have carried the burden of infertility, know too well the disconnect between our bodies and our desires.  When our backs are against a financial wall, when we are forced to cease treatment for our disease due to finances, tough decisions are made and often, consequences follow.  Back alley health care may not be involved, but the shadowed behavior of circumventing care or withholding information can have profound outcomes.  Have you considered actions out of desperation?

  • Setting up treatment or supportive appointments your spouse didn’t know about

  • Hiding the cost of treatment from your partner

  • Seeking a donor or gestational carrier without being represented by a Reproductive Attorney

  • Using left over medication from others

  • Transferring all the embryos you have

If I Could Tell You asks the question, “If it’s your last chance for a miracle, how far is too far?” 

I love films that evoke strong emotions.  That tells me that it is a story to be heard, digested, and shared.  If I Could Tell You haunted me, in a good way.  From the brilliant acting and the relatable heart-wrenching story, I was swept away and overcome with passion.  Today, my desire is to share with you the simple fact; If I Could Tell You speaks a hard truth about some infertility journeys and makes me want to scream from the top of my lungs,  “Surviving infertility does not need to be this way!” 

As a professional, I am motivated to work harder (if that’s possible).  Fertility Within Reach was created because I didn’t want anyone else to experience what my husband and I experienced, our version of desperation, which included transferring every embryo created.  Our decisions, based on financial concerns, had consequences far beyond our lives.  Everyone encounters their own level of desperation when they are deprived of the opportunity to have control of their own lives.  If I Could Tell You identifies one journey, representing the 1 in 6 couples facing infertility.  The more we share this story, the greater opportunities for compassion and support toward the disease of infertility and those afflicted.  

The film’s trailer tells you what to expect.  The actors gently bring you into the story.  If I Could Tell You gives us an opportunity to listen, digest, and share.  YOU have an opportunity to help increase awareness and support those struggling during their journey.  You are able to pre-order the film via iTunes or attend a premier.  If I Could Tell You is art, imitating life.  I encourage you to learn more about this exceptional film at their website

Please join us spreading the good word about If I Could Tell You. 
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If I Could Tell You

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