Discover 5 Simple Keys To Happiness – Be A Happier You!


What does happiness mean to you? Is it all about feeling good?

How to be happier in life? Is it all about getting satisfied with your work and relationships?

Well, let’s keep these questions aside. Do you really think that you are a happy person?

Admit it. Most of us have already accepted the fact that we are unhappy and it is somehow justified. We have made ourselves believe that we are not worthy of happiness and it is nothing but our destiny. However, the truth is, we need to believe it firmly that we can be and we should be happy if we truly want to be happy in our life. It is the only matter of fact, which is important to understand for every human being trying to be happier.

The Science Of Happiness

Happiness is certainly a spiritual experience but it also has a strong connection with science. While researching in the rapidly emerging field of positive psychology during last few decades, researchers have proved that having a better scientific understanding and implementing effective interventions can help people achieve a satisfactory life. This is called the ‘science of happiness’.

According to science, every individual has the power to control his / her feelings, which is essential for increasing the happiness index gradually. It is not an overnight affair and one needs to keep patience and practice it consistently. But achieving happiness is actually possible when feelings are nurtured. The latest technological development has facilitated it even more by introducing the concept of happiness tracking app, which helps us be mindful of our everyday feelings and keep a track of our happiness levels through an advanced algorithm in order to improve the quality of our life.

5 Simple Keys To Happiness

While the idea of happiness is quite hard to define, it can be achieved in life by regulating as well as redirecting our feelings the following ways:

1.   Understand What Makes You Happy

Identifying your unique happiness factors is something that can make your task of attaining a happy and satisfactory life pretty easy. Not everyone is equal and that is why a single thing does not make everyone happy. Stop comparing yourself, your needs, your desires, your thoughts, and your opinions to those of your peers. Celebrate your individuality and realize your distinct requirements. The moment you stop worrying about what happiness means to others and start enjoying your uniqueness, you become able to find out your own happiness factors.

2.   Set Positive Goals And Chase Them

If you chase goals of your choice, your inner self will get a better feeling as it will get a chance to pursue something that it actually values. Your dreams are what you truly want to do in your life and hence, those are the most positive goals you can ever set to follow. Just make a plan and start chasing your dreams to boost your mood and make yourself happy.

3.   Search Around For Positive Vibes

Positivity is infectious and you need exactly the same power of positivity in your life to be happy. Keep yourself away from negative energy as much as possible. Rather, surround yourself with people who consider themselves happy and can make you feel the same way through their positive vibes. The more you attract positive energy, the happier you feel.

4.   Take Out Some Time For Yourself

‘You’ are the most important person in your life and nobody else can ever change it. Hence, make it a point to take some time out of your busy schedule every day only for ‘yourself’. Pamper yourself, treat yourself with something nice, or simply spend a few minutes thinking about the things that give you a better feeling. These will help you focus on the positive sides of life and eventually lead you to happiness.

5.   Work Out On A Regular Basis

Regular exercising can make us happier and it is proven scientifically. Running on a treadmill or practicing yoga is known to stimulate the release of ‘endorphins’ (a certain group of neuropeptide chemicals) in our body, which aids in boosting our mood to a large extent. In addition, if you work out every day, your immunity will be enhanced, which indirectly contributes to happiness.

There is nothing magical about shifting your state of mind from unhappy to happy. Trace the aspects of your life that impact your happiness positively, believe yourself to be worthy of happiness, and love to be happy. Happiness will love you back too!


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